Commercial Infrastructure and Support Industries

2010 – Commercial Human Spaceflight – Snapshot

Development continued in 2010 on new commercially operated transportation services that can carry cargo, passengers, and possibly professional astronauts into space. SpaceX and Orbital Sciences made significant progress in development…

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2010 – Launch Industry – Snapshot

In 2010, 74 orbital launches occurred carrying 118 payloads into space. These payloads included satellites, other types of robotic spacecraft, and cargo and crew missions to the International Space Station…

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Economy: Space Economy – TSR 2010

Economy: Space Economy - TSR 2010 an annual review of the commercial space infrastructure and support industries and space-based products and services used on Earth. This edition also delves into…

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2009 – Space Insurance – Snapshot

Note: This section's exhibit is from The Space Report 2010. The satellite insurance industry saw profits decline in 2009 compared to 2008. XL Insurance, a space industry specialist, estimates that…

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2009 – Space Stations – Snapshot

The International Space Station and commercial space platforms such as the proposed SpaceX DragonLab capsule and Bigelow Sundancer module are representative of the in-space platform segment. Funding for other scientific…

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