From 2018 to 2019, commercial and government spending increased more than $9 billion to $423.80 billion for 2019, a 2.2% increase over the prior year, and a 73% increase over the past decade. The Space Foundation builds the annual global space economy figure upon extensive internal and external research into governmental and commercial space markets. A more detailed analysis of 2019's commercial revenue activity is available in The Space Report 2020, Quarter Three. In 2019, the Research & Analysis team pulled government space budgets from the federal documents and public statements of 33 key nations in the civil sector and eight in the defense sector to compile its estimate for government space investment globally. Collectively, nations and international government organizations contributed $86.9 billion to the global space economy. This figure represents a 1% increase over a revised 2018 figure of $86 billion and a 16% increase over the previous decade. To find a more in-depth economic analysis of this year and previous years, see the articles and reports listed below.

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