2020 TSRQ3 – Infrastructure: Human Spaceflight

Since Yuri Gagarin’s orbital flight around the Earth in April 1961, humans in pioneering new technologies and pushing the limits of what’s considered possible. This year ushered in a new era of human spaceflight when SpaceX became the first . . .

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2014 – Satellite Communications

Satellite communications segment revenues for 2014 rose slightly to $## billion, ##% higher than the $## billion in revenue for 2013. Although broadcasts from satellites are a form of satellite communications, for the purposes of this report satellite communications are two-way transmission links between users and the satellites themselves. The links transmit data, voice, and video—although the distinction between…

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Air Traffic Tracking and Traffic Control Space Solutions

Imagery and communications satellites were both used in search and rescue efforts for the Malaysian Airlines MH370 passenger airplane. Imagery of the search areas was provided on sites such as Tomnod in hopes that crowdsourcing imagery analysis would help in locating evidence of where the airplane might have disappeared.

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2014 – Additional Country Space Budgets

Around the globe, many smaller nations—whether in terms of economy or population size—are investing in space projects or programs. The exhibit below shows the most recent available annual budget for civil space activities in a number of selected space states.

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Satellite Pictures Help Fight Illegal Logging

The DeforestACTION project is using satellite imagery to combat illegal logging through its Earth Watchers software tool, currently in beta testing. The difficulty of locating and identifying illegal deforestation often prevents law enforcement from limiting this activity. DeforestACTION allocates each person involved in the project a piece of land to monitor, providing them with an updated satellite image each week so they can locate changes and disturbances.

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