2014 – Additional Country Space Budgets

Around the globe, many smaller nations—whether in terms of economy or population size—are investing in space projects or programs. The exhibit below shows the most recent available annual budget for…

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Satellites Reveal Regions Closed to Outsiders

Possible atrocities once only seen by government agencies are now in the public view. [caption id="attachment_3564" align="alignright"]Commercially available images can provide insight beyond closed borders. This image shows a North…

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2011- Land Imaging

Two major players in satellite-based Earth imagery are U.S. companies DigitalGlobe and GeoEye. Both companies provide imagery to widely used applications such as Google Earth. In August 2010, the U.S.…

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2013 – Brazilian Spaceports

In 2003, Brazil made an agreement with the government of Ukraine to bring a modernized version of the Soviet-era Cyclone rocket to its Alcântara Launch Center. This would couple the…

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2008 – Civil Space Activity

The trend of globalization in space activity continues, with nations entering into agreements to use each other’s infrastructure and space assets. Two decades ago only the United States, the Soviet…

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2009 – Brazilian Government Space Budget

The National Congress of Brazil’s 2010 Federal Budget authorizes ## million Brazilian reals (US$## million) for activities associated with the National Program of Space Activities, a small increase from the…

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