2021 TSRQ3 – Getting Along on a Busy Moon

By 2024, NASA intends to land astronauts including the first female on the Moon. The Artemis program is an exciting opportunity for the space industry and all humankind to settle in deep space within the next decades. Even more exciting, the United States is not the only nation venturing into this expanding frontier. . .

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2020 TSRQ3 – Economy Insights: Space Index

S-Network Space Index Weight by Country as of June 21, 2020S-Network Space Index Weight by Country as of June 21, 2020The S-Network Space Index℠ Q2 2020 Performance Introduction | The S-Network Space Index tracks a global portfolio of publicly traded companies that are active in space-related businesses such as satellite-based…

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2019 TSRQ4 – Insight: Space Jobs of the Future

The late Dr. Clarke, popularly known for authoring the cinematic space classic, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was known for his technical prowess (he conceived the geostationary satellite) but also for his compelling optimistic vision for space development. . .

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