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New Congress Names Space Committee Leaders

With Republicans reclaiming a narrow majority in the U.S. House, leaders have spent January determining who will get gavels on the committees and subcommittees that set military and civil space policy and spending levels. In the Senate, Democrats kept control, leaving most of their top leaders of space subcommittees in place. These lawmakers are now…

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Nation in Review: France

France has always been a pioneer in space: It was the third nation to establish a space program, and it led Europe’s launch vehicle development. Military and civil space strategies from the past few years have planned for the completion of new military satellite constellations, the first launch of the new Ariane 6 launch vehicle, and an increase in domestic space industry investment.

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Of Nearly Two Dozen Active Solar Missions, These Three Provide The Most Insight Into The Sun

Hinode Launch: September 2006 Organization: JAXA Mission Objective: To study the Sun’s magnetic field and how it impacts solar eruptions Instruments on board: Solar Optical Telescope, EUV Imaging Spectrometer, X-Ray Telescope Status: Recently discovered the source origin of three tracked Solar Energy Particles (SEP) from the Sun’s magnetic fields. Image: Hinode views sunspot activity from…

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