2009 – Other Countries, Launch, Human

In addition to government human spaceflight efforts, some companies are developing commercial systems for orbital human spaceflight. Several American companies have shown an interest in orbital human spaceflight to serve…

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2009 – China Launch, Human

There were no Chinese human spaceflight missions in 2009, one year after the third Chinese manned mission, Shenzhou 7. China is working on an orbiting laboratory, Tiangong-1, that is scheduled…

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2009 – Russia Launch, Human

Russia increased in its human spaceflight operations significantly in 2009 by doubling the launch rate of its Soyuz spacecraft. Russia had been launching Soyuz missions twice a year, roughly six…

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2009 – U.S. Launch, Human

The Space Shuttle, also known as the Space Transportation System (STS), consists of an active fleet of three orbiters: Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. The Shuttles are the United States’ primary…

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