2012 – Other Countries, Launch, Human

Although Japan and India have both expressed interest in developing human spaceflight capabilities, neither has yet demonstrated strong commitment toward that goal. Japan is in early stage feasibility studies for…

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2012 – China Launch, Human

In 2003, China became the third nation capable of human spaceflight, with the launch of the Shenzhou 5 mission. Since then, it has flown three additional missions, each one advancing Chinese…

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2012 – Russia Launch, Human

Russia has retained the ability to send cosmonauts into orbit since the launch of Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, in 1961. Currently, Russia is the only nation ferrying…

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2012 – U.S. Launch, Human

The United States, after the Soviet Union, was the second nation to send a human into space, but it will not have its own human spaceflight capability for the next…

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Perspective – TSR 2013

Perspective - TSR 2013 covers topics that include space policy, space as a tool in international trade and development, building space infrastructure, and spaceports as an economic engine.  

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