2009 – Ground Networks

Ground stations are an essential but often overlooked segment of space infrastructure. Ground stations connect satellites to terrestrial networks and collect satellite information ranging from tracking and telemetry to imagery…

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2008 – Swedish Spaceports

Esrange is a small spaceport located near Kiruna in northern Sweden. It was founded in 1964 by the European Space Research Organization, the predecessor to ESA, and in 1972 was…

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2009 – Swedish Spaceports

Esrange, a small launch site located near Kiruna in northern Sweden, is expected to enter the suborbital human spaceflight market under the name Spaceport Sweden. The operators of the site…

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2008 – Cosmic Discovery: A Look Ahead

Two competing influences shape the near-term prospects of space astronomy: the burgeoning worldwide development of astronomical technology and human talent, and the decrease in governmental support for basic science brought…

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2012 – Spaceports as an Economic Engine

[caption id="attachment_2864" align="alignright"]The Falcon 9 launch vehicle carrying the Dragon C2 spacecraft lifts off from the SpaceX launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The Dragon was the first…

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Government Space Budgets

Global government spending increased in 2017, totaling $76.2 billion, up from $72.7 billion in 2016. Government spending accounted for 19.9% of the global space economy, which is a decrease from…

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