Space Products and Services

Energy, Resources, and Environmental Management

Automated Analysis of Crop Yields

Companies are beginning to use better automated data analysis tools for satellite-generated data. A commercial data analysis company, Descartes Labs, is offering an alternative approach that may be more efficient.…

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Herding Cattle from Space

Ranchers and space technology work together to herd cattle. Fences have historically been used to declare land ownership. For livestock farming and ranching, fences also serve the purpose of containing…

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Satellites Help Find Treasured Trash

Satellite imagery continues to be used in surprising ways. One startup, Terra Recovery, is using satellite remote sensing technology in tandem with flying drones to find mining opportunities in the…

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Exploring the Use of Space Resources

As the space infrastructure continues to grow, it is possible to expand the sphere of economically useful resources into space and neighboring planetary bodies. NASA, ESA, and the Japanese Aerospace…

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