European Space Workforce

2009 – European Space Industry Employment

By 2008, European space employment reached ## full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, which remains ##% lower than the near-historic high in 2001, when employment totaled approximately ## jobs with ##% annual…

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2009 – European Space Workforce

Revenue growth among the largest European space companies in 2009 suggests that the European space industry will weather the current recession with only marginal impact on employment. For the European…

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2010 – European Space Industry Employment

Despite the recession and financial crisis, the European space workforce has continued to add jobs. According to data collected by Eurospace, the nonprofit European space industry association, ## full time…

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2012 – European Space Industry Employment

The European space workforce includes workers from ## European countries across three segments of the industry: spacecraft, launch, and ground. The five countries with the largest workforces, France, Germany, Italy,…

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European Space Industry Employment

In 2016, the European space workforce included ## individuals, according to Eurospace, the European space industry association. Eurospace conducts annual surveys of European firms involved in the design, development, and…

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