2010 – Workforce

Note: Please refer to this year's exhibits for the most current data as numbers may have been revised since this edition was published. [exhibit:space-workforce-trends]?end=2012[/exhibit]

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2012- Workforce

Trends in the global space workforce continue to be mixed, with the U.S. space workforce contracting for the sixth year in a row while space workforces in Japan and Europe…

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2016 – Other Space Employment

Exhibit 3u provides a snapshot of the workforce sizes in space agencies around the world. Direct comparisons among agencies should be avoided or undertaken with care, as differences in size…

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2017 – Indian Space Employment

India’s Department of Space, which includes the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), employed 16,072 employees in 2017, a decrease of nearly 5% from a total of 16,902 employees in 2016.…

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2015 – European Space Industry Employment

The European space workforce included 38,435 workers in 2015, according to Eurospace, an association of the European space manufacturing industry. Eurospace conducts annual surveys of European firms involved in design,…

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2016 – U.S. National Security Workforce

The U.S. national security space workforce is composed of federal employees working across all branches of the Department of Defense as well as the intelligence agencies. Together, there are more...…

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