2017 – Iran launches Simorgh

In 2017, Iran was the only other nation to attempt an orbital launch. Iran conducted a single test launch of its Simorgh SLV during 2017, giving the nation a 1%…

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2017 – Europe Launch, Payload

European launch activities in 2017 accounted for 11 SLV launch attempts, the same rate as the previous two years. Although launch numbers remained the same, the European share of global…

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2017 – Russia Launch, Payload

In 2017, Russia conducted 21% of global orbital launch attempts, a negligible increase from 20% in 2016. While its share of launch activities remained almost static, the country’s launch service…

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2017 – China Launch, Human

China is one of three nations to have launched humans into orbit with indigenous launch vehicles, but there were no such launches in 2017. The most recent... China is one…

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2017 – Russia Launch, Human

Russia remained the only nation to launch humans to orbit during 2017, using its Soyuz launch vehicle and capsule. The continued depression of Russian launch activity during... Russia remained the…

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2017 – U.S. Suborbital

Many countries and organizations have floated plans for human suborbital spaceflight. However, there are very few building suborbital launch vehicles for this purpose, and even fewer... Many countries and organizations…

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2017 – U.S. Launch, Human

The last U.S. human space launch was conducted in 2011. NASA now relies on Russia’s Soyuz space launch system, paying hundreds of millions of dollars to transport U.S. astronauts to...…

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2016 – Orbital Human Space Launch

The 52 years since the inauguration of human spaceflight have witnessed great strides in developing the technology required to support human life in orbit and... The 52 years since the…

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2017 – Japan Launch, Payload

Japanese orbital launch attempts set a new launch record for the nation in 2017. Japan attempted seven SLV launches, growing the nation’s global orbital launch activity share from 5% in…

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