On the SPOT Assistance for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The fusion of GPS and satellite-based communication technology has resulted in unique consumer applications. In one example, the SPOT Satellite Messenger, marketed by a subsidiary of telecommunications provider Globalstar, provides…

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Indian Satellite-connected Classrooms

Satellite communications technologies are fast becoming an integral part of global education infrastructure. In an application known as tele-education, satellite communications are used to provide educational content to networks of…

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Tsunami Warning Systems Bouyed by Bouys

Space-enabled applications and technologies are a critical part of the global capacity for natural disaster mitigation and management. The Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning System relies on satellite links as a…

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Oil and Gas Facilities Made Safer

Technology designed to enable the operation of space systems also has applications on Earth. A French-Dutch company, EATOPS, has developed a software tool called Remote Intuitive Visual Operations, which is…

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Orwellian Bear Country

The near-real-time monitoring capabilities of satellites also enable applications for tracking animal populations and their interactions with human communities. In Florida, a project sponsored by the Nature Conservancy fuses GPS…

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Studying Climate and Weather From Space

A new spacecraft launched in 2009 is helping scientists to understand how Earth’s climate and weather systems work. The European Space Agency launched the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS)…

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