2018 – PNT Satellite Manufacturers

The top three manufacturers of PNT satellites in 2018, from an overall share perspective, came from China and Russia. The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) manufactured 35% (9) of…

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Monitoring Pipelines from Space

Pipeline leaks are harmful to the environment, costly to repair, and can lead to serious injuries or death to those living and working around them. For years, workers used helicopters,…

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Shark Conservation

Every year, 73 million sharks are killed, primarily for their fins as an ingredient in shark fin soup. This drive for shark fins by fishermen has put more than 70…

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Electric Scooters

Entrepreneurs are using space infrastructure to offer alternative transportation modes in cities for reasonable prices. This type of service fills the need for cost-effective transportation without the hassle of commuting…

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been in development since the 1930s with the goal of creating safer travel by road and providing the driver freedom to focus on other tasks while in…

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